Twitch’s Turbo Subscription Price Increase: What You Need to Know

Prepare for a higher price on Twitch‘s ad-free Turbo subscription plan. Get the scoop on the price hike, grace period, and potential updates.

Twitch Raises Turbo Subscription Price to Enhance User Experience

In an effort to provide an improved ad-free streaming experience, Twitch has announced a price increase for its Turbo subscription plan. Users who want uninterrupted viewing of their favorite live streamers will need to pay a bit more as the monthly cost jumps from $9 to $12 in the US. But what does this mean for Twitch users around the world?

twitch turbo global update
twitch turbo global update

Global Pricing Adjustments and Special Offers

Twitch’s pricing adjustment affects users worldwide, and each country will have its own modified pricing. To find out the new monthly cost for Turbo in your country, simply click this link and discover the updated rates. While this change may come as an unwelcome surprise to some, it’s worth noting that Twitch has provided a special offer for long-time subscribers.

Special Offer for Current Subscribers

Existing Turbo subscribers have received email notifications informing them about the pricing changes. However, there is good news for those who have been loyal to the service. Some countries will experience a decrease in their monthly subscription price. To take advantage of this lower rate, current subscribers will need to cancel their current subscriptions and resubscribe.

Twitch Turbo Subscription Price Increase: What You Need to Know
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Furthermore, current Turbo subscribers will enjoy a three-month grace period before being required to opt into the new price. This allows them to continue enjoying their ad-free experience without interruption while deciding whether to accept the new pricing.

New Subscribers and the Immediate Price Change

Unfortunately for new subscribers, there is no grace period for them to enjoy the previous pricing. Starting today, the updated Turbo subscription price of $12 per month will apply to all new users. Despite this change, Twitch remains committed to enhancing the Turbo experience and has promised updates in the near future.

Twitch’s Strategic Moves and Cost-Cutting Measures

It is worth noting that this significant price increase follows recent corporate developments within Twitch. With a new CEO at the helm, the Amazon-owned platform underwent a series of cost-cutting measures, including laying off around 400 employees. These actions were part of broader mandates from Twitch’s parent company.

While no new features were immediately announced alongside the price hike, Twitch has assured users that updates are in the pipeline. The company promises to make Turbo even better and more relevant, and fans can expect to hear more about these improvements in the coming months.

Beyond Ad-Free Streaming: Additional Benefits of Turbo

Although the primary allure of Turbo is its ad-free streaming experience, the subscription also offers several other perks. Users can enjoy access to a wider range of emojis, customize their chat username colors, and benefit from increased broadcast storage. These additional features, combined with the ad-free experience, aim to provide Twitch users with a premium streaming experience.

My opinion

Twitch’s Turbo subscription plan has undergone a price increase from $9 to $12 per month, offering users an enhanced ad-free streaming experience. While current subscribers enjoy a three-month grace period and special pricing in certain countries, new users will immediately encounter the updated pricing. Twitch has also hinted at future updates to make Turbo even better and more relevant. So, get ready to enjoy your favorite live streamers without interruptions, and embrace the new era of ad-free streaming on Twitch.

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